What are the benefits of a private number app?

Privacy. It's a phrase on the top of mind for people today. Ask most individuals, and they'll tell you that they like people not knowing their area code or keeping their personal and business numbers separate. But how many of us dive into what privacy can do to benefit us in the modern world? Too quickly, we give up our phone number in exchange for a short-term discount, not realizing that the number is sold to third parties.


What’s the point of a private number?

To help fight this issue, some people turn to a second phone number that is private, especially for their cell phones. Private numbers can deter phone calls from telemarketers by working through a number the telemarketers may not even have on file.
With a private number, a person can avoid distracting incoming calls and achieve new freedom with their mobile phone—if they know the benefits and how to use it properly.

Using a private number app

A private number app can outfit you with an extra number. This extra number is essentially a number you can use on the app alone, giving you some degree of separation between using the app and your listed phone number. Now, when someone calls the extra number and leaves a voicemail, it can go to the inbox on the app—giving you an easy way to sort and organize the incoming calls in your life.
This organization is great for anyone who has to hand out many business cards. If you're starting out in a business, you might not have a direct business line established quite yet. But you still need to promote your business, which can mean handing your card out to many people. What happens when the company takes off? You suddenly find yourself inundated on your line with all sorts of business calls.

VoIP Services

A private number app that provides VoIP services is like having your phone give you an extension. But the better way to think about it might be as a phone-within-a-phone. Rather than add a genuine client to your "blocked caller" list, you can instead work within that app during office hours and then shut it down when it's time to quit for the day.
Many apps are available on both iOS and Android, which means there's no excuse not to use one if you're finding it hard to balance between personal and business calls. But let's dive even more deeply into how you can use these apps to organize your life.

The benefits of a private number

Suppose you don't want customers or potential customers calling you at all hours of the night simply because you're launching startups or conducting business. In that case, a private number app is a straightforward solution for getting your life on track. But there are all sorts of other benefits to consider:

• Separating personal and business calls. One of the primary reasons to have a private number app on your phone is to separate the world of personal calls from the world of business. Think about it this way: let's say you run a private company. You have a client who likes to text all hours of the night. If you've put away the business for the night and only want to take private calls, you'll have to keep two different numbers. Otherwise, you would have to keep one number open for both, which would mean that on top of your family member's text messages, you'd also get incoming calls from that client. It's not ideal.

• Avoiding scammers. Sometimes, when you give out your phone number online, the people or company who receive that phone number sell it to third parties. After that, it's anyone's guess what happens to it. Scammers can sometimes get a hold of these numbers, which encourages them to add you to a list. Ever wonder how you get so many robocalls or scam calls? It may have been one wrong decision when you gave out your personal number.

• Avoiding distractions. Did you know that the average distraction can take about 23 minutes before you get back on track to what you were doing before? Simply avoiding distractions throughout the day can be one of the most potent and effective ways to gain control of your time. Using a private number app can help keep distracting calls on one section of your phone. A private number keeps you open to receiving calls from family members and friends but minimizes the distractions caused by robocalls, scammers, and others.

• Creating a professional appearance. When customers visit your website, what do they see? For starters, they don't want to see that your company doesn't have its own domain name. They don't want to email you at an address they don't trust. And they certainly don't want to see a personal number because this suggests to them that you're not a legitimate business, that you may be running it out of the back of a van, for all they know. However, using an extra number means you can create a professional appearance—even when you don't have a high-rise office building with its dedicated landline.


In some ways, your mobile number is your key to the world. It's where you interact with people. When you meet someone new, how do you ensure that you stay in touch? You exchange numbers, social media information, or work through your phone.
But that phone is capable of much more than you might imagine. With an extra private number app, you can separate your business life from your personal life—or even organize your personal life better.

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