Why Slyfone?

No need to pay expensive wireless plans to stay connected.

Slyfone provides every user with a personal mobile number to activate and use WhatsApp and other services.


  • A number with no SIM and no wireless carrier bills.

  • A number to activate your favorite communications Apps.

  • A number that protects your privacy.

  • A number that travels with you wherever you go.

  • A number to receive regular text messages and voice calls.

  • A number that separates your private from your personal life.

Other Features

Get a private number

Get a private number to
activate your favorite
communications Apps including WhatsApp.

One-touch favorites

Add numbers to your Slyfone Favorites and call, message and video chat with just one click.

Dial without saving

Use our handy WhatsApp dialer and never save an unnecessary contact again!

WhatsApp any number

Enter any number and message, call or video chat without having to save it in your contacts.

Pricing and more

Don’t over pay for a wireless plan…

Save money with SLYFONE PREMIUM!

    What you can do with a Slyfone number?

  • Activate WhatsApp, Telegram and other apps for your private use.

  • Use the number to activate other services such as Facebook, Instagram, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal and many others.

  • Use your Slyfone number to make and receive calls/messages through WhatsApp or any other messaging app.

  • In addition, you can receive regular calls and texts with no additional fees.

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